Exhaust Gas Analyzer


Testo 320-LX Flue/Exhaust Gas Analyzer

Product Overview:

The Testo 320 flue gas analyzer is a trusty and reliable companion for all those people who specialize in installing, inspecting, and servicing heating systems. The high-quality, professional all-rounder is easy to use and allows one to carry out all measurements in and around heating systems with only one device. The Testo 320’s special rugged design means that it is excellently equipped to stand up to the rough and tumble of daily use.


  • Temperature (°C):   – 40 to 1200
  • CO measurement (ppm): 0 to 4000
  • O2 measurement:    0 to 21% vol.
  • Combustion Efficiency: 0 to 120 %
  • Differential Pressure measurement
  • Draft Analysis
  • Testo Easy Heat Software (optional
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