Energy Efficiency Training

Awareness and capacity building of the energy management team.

The concern for energy efficiency is more prevalent today, and one of the reasons is that awareness of energy efficiency and its consideration in a corporate’s operations contributes to a corporate’s CSR activities and makes the corporate stand out among competitors.

We provide awareness through online and On-site trainings on energy efficiency and related cutting-edge technologies to, industries, academicians, students and relevant concerned bodies. Our qualified and experienced technical team/experts provide you with updated knowledge and how it can help you in optimizing your operations.

Following are the trainings conducted by CIBEA:

  1. Energy savings in universities: UET Peshawar Conference Hall Dec 2018
  2. Energy savings in boilers: UET Peshawar Conference Hall Jan 2019
  3. Equipment training: USPCAS-E Dec 2019
  4. Industrial Energy Audits : SMEDA June 2020
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