Energy Assessment

Compressed-Air-AuditWe support your business sustainability through an energy audit

The world is facing a major energy crisis. Conventional energy sources are depleting, energy prices are soaring, and the hazardous environmental impact of energy resources are the challenges faced by producers and consumers of energy.

Industries are the major consumers of energy. The volatile energy markets and uncertain prices have affected the industrial sector badly and have forced them to take immediate and drastic measures for reducing its energy consumption.

Carrying out periodic energy assessments helps the industry in setting its energy baseline and identifying potential measures that can improve its energy efficiency and reduce its energy bills.

CIBEA provides energy auditing services for electrical, mechanical, and thermal systems. By using state-of-the-art equipment, our qualified technical team and experts perform energy audits in accordance with the ASHRAE Level II and the audit reports are prepared in accordance with the ISO 50002 standards.

The energy efficiency measures suggested a guarantee of 5% to 20% energy savings.

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