Electrical Audit

Let us assist you in ensuring the effectiveness of your electrical systems.

An electrical system energy audit is an assessment of the ways in which electricity is used in a building or industrial facility. It typically involves measuring the amount of electricity being consumed by various appliances and systems, as well as evaluating the efficiency of the electrical system as a whole. An energy audit can help identify areas where energy can be saved and can also provide a comprehensive view of how the electrical system is functioning.

The total utility costs in most commercial facilities can be as high as 50-75% due to electrical consumption. To reduce these costs, special attention must be paid to evaluating electrical-consuming equipment and systems within the facility. There are several ways to save on electrical energy and costs, such as managing demand loads, reducing run hours, improving equipment efficiency, and maintaining distribution systems.


CIBEA’s Scope of Work in electrical auditing:

  1. Power Quality Analysis of pump motors
  2. Pump Efficiency Analysis
  3. List of Recommendations for energy savings
  1. Power Quality Analysis of Electric motors
  2. List of Recommendations for energy savings
Main Electric Distribution Panel

Power quality analysis of the distribution panel includes.

  1. Voltage unbalance
  2. Harmonics
  3. Power factor
  4. Dips and swells
  5. Flickering
  6. Transients, etc.
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