Director’s Message

DirectorIn these times of change, we have learned to value everything. Unnecessary waste of any commodity, be it food or energy, can be prevented. CIBEA started in 2018 with the sole mission to help its customers reduce wasted energy. “Waste is not waste until it is wasted.” 

Energy Assessments are the first step towards measuring and classifying energy usage and wastage. The assessments help to quantify energy wastage in economic terms and elucidate the benefits of energy efficiency.  “We cannot improve what we cannot measure.” Team CIBEA is endlessly working towards this goal. Growing on our experience with energy audits, we are currently also delivering services in carbon audits and water audits.

CIBEA has always believed in participative management for its employees. The management philosophy is not hierarchical but of mutual respect and participation. Opposing and critical opinions are valued and heard, for ultimately, they benefit the company. Instead of “employees” we use the term, “Team CIBEA”. CIBEA has always worked as a team working towards a common goal, and complementing each other’s skills. 

In times when the world is challenged by the fuel crisis and climate change, CIBEA is uniquely positioned to offer solutions for saving energy and saving the environment. We strive to have a significant impact in reducing the disastrous effects of climate change.”

Prof. Dr. M. A. Irfan (CEM-USA)
Director CIBEA

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