Compressed Air Audit

Diagnosing the hidden leaks in your compressed air system with ultrasonic leak detection.

Compressed air is often considered the fourth utility after water, electricity, and natural gas due to its essential need in various industrial processes and operations. The major source of losses in the compressed air system is the leakages in the piping. Due to high noise levels at the manufacturing sites, it is difficult to detect these leakages without the use of sophisticated equipment. The ultrasonic leak detector is one such piece of equipment with the help of which one can easily and accurately identify these leaks at high noise levels.

CIBEA’s compressed air audit services include the assessment for both the generation (air compressor) and consumption (compressed air piping) sides which includes evaluation of the compressor’s specific power consumption, and detection & identification of leaks.

CIBEA’s Scope of Work in compressed air auditing:

Compressor 1. Benchmarking of kW/CFM
2. Power Quality Analysis of Compressor motor
3. Electrical Efficiency Analysis of Compressor motor
4. List of Recommendations for Energy savings
Compressed Air Piping 1. Leak detection of compressed air through Ultrasonic Leak detector
2. Quantification of CFM from every identified leak
3. List of Recommendations for Energy savings through elimination of identified leaks
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