Employees at CIBEA benefit from a learning and growth environment where those with no or less prior experience can start their careers and advance all the way up. CIBEA’s environment values and practices teamwork and collaborations. Regardless of your given position within the company or the direction your career is taking, we are confident that as a CIBEA’s employee, you will make a substantial contribution to the success of the company and to your career goals.

We encourage those who are enquiring, enthusiastic, and committed. An ethical, moral, and trustworthy individuals are welcome.

There are currently 0 vacant positions available at CIBEA.

The recruitment process at CIBEA enables to select some passionate, enthusiastic, and creative employees following the predefined process.

CIBEA’s recruitment process includes the following steps:


You can submit CVs and cover letters online after determining your eligibility for the position and aligning it with the job description posted.


Your application will be scanned internally, and if your qualifications match the open position requirements, you will be contacted for an interview. In-person interviews are preferred, though they may vary depending on the position.

Reference Checks

After the interviews and assessments, the referees mentioned in your CVs will be contacted to assess your mentioned skills and achievements.

CIBEA’s selection committee identify the most suitable applicants for the position and if you are selected for the posted role, you will be identified by the company.

If you are not chosen this time, you will be informed as well. However, do not let this discourage you; your skills may be a match for openings in the future. You will also be informed of any upcoming job openings.

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